New review: He and She 29.06.2017

Curious French film that pretends to be a Comedy, but trying to talk about serious things. In fact, he and she is a famous writer, Victor Adelman and his wife Sarah.

After her husband’s death, Sarah sets up a meeting with the journalist and tells the story of her family life. The reception is utterly banal — the same pattern has been constructed, for example, the film “Jackie”. However, a French film exploits it cleverly: words Sarah explicitly at odds with what is happening on the screen.

Step by step reveals the history of this strange marriage: a clever girl, writing her PhD in literature, sculpts the image of a famous writer from your mediocre husband. This part of the film is staggeringly funny, and as a bonus there is a digression into the history of France for half a century (both husband and wife — staunch leftists and discuss Mitterrand and Chirac everywhere, including to bed). In addition, stunned the audience gets a crash course of French literature. The couple juggle the names of his contemporaries (Camus, Sartre, Yursenar and a dozen others), sometimes diluting the list by Dostoevsky or Joyce. If you understand, about what speech, it is also very funny.

Gradually, however, the fun comes to an end: the crisis in relations, stagnation in creativity. For problems family Adelman watched with mild boredom. The selected genre is not easy allows you to empathize, and the Union-minded writer and his wife — “gray Eminence” too atypical to take something to your account.

However, towards the end of the movie evens the pace and overall exceeds expectations: extraordinary, funny and giving much food for thought about the origins of creativity, popularity and the vicissitudes of family life.

New review: He and She 29.06.2017

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