New review: Heat in Acapulco 26.09.2017

My childhood and youth had in the 90s and the beginning of zero. Then I still didn’t have Internet and one of the main entertainment was the TV. At this time, broadcasting many channels filled with foreign series. Well, the type of soap Opera “Santa Barbara” or “Simply Maria” I was not interested. I prefer American series. Detective, fantastic, adventure, Comedy. They have a series of my nostalgic reviews.

Cool special agents running around in bikinis on Mexican beaches. Half-naked body under the hot sun of Puerto Vallarta, colorful scenery, beautiful and charming actors, a little action. All this recipe is very impact spy series 90s “Heat in Acapulco”. That still had a teenager at that time?

Of course, it is hard to believe that model view of boys and girls cool spies, but it’s beautiful everything looks. And the main musical theme I like so far. The series, of course, most of the species. In the story everything is so-so. Yes, and not very much action, but more or less convincing in this respect looked only Michael worth, who played a special on martial arts Tommy. But the girls are very even nothing. Catherine Oxenberg, Allison Hermitage, Holly Floria (I’m always the most impressed by the Hermitage, who played the former thief cat).

In its original form with a group of 7 special agents series stretched only season. It was later filmed a sequel, where the first part had involved only heroes Alison Hermitage and Michael worth (most, in my opinion cute). Added heroes Lydie Denier and Christa Souls. So to say three girls plus a guy. And the main theme music plays for the new treatment and another singer (also not too bad). But then the second season of no progress.

Now. of course, this series is without its share of nostalgic looks very so-so. The plots of the series are often quite absurd, a lot of unnecessary chatter, the action is mediocre, and the characters. like I said, cool special agents do not pull (in the sense of acting here, too not a fountain). Helps show only a picture. Lots of girls in bathing suits, tropical, sea, sun, sand. Well, beautiful girls with guns on the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, the theme of winning.

6.5 out of 10

New review: Heat in Acapulco 26.09.2017

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