New review: Hemoglobin 27.06.2017

“Hemoglobin” — the fifth full-length work of Peter Svatek. As well as this film, which is included in my list of favorites. For what services?

One of the merits is the relative originality of the idea. Do not know how anyone, but I have not seen that until 1997 in horror movies plays with incest. Yes, it’s really original. So we can’t understand what’s going on, who the heroes of “the enemy”? What can happen as a result of incest on a gigantic scale? What is hidden in the island? If the “horrors” associated with the family van Dimov, why they were not before the arrival of the heroes? And Yes, hell in this horror movie gives answers to all logical questions!

In the picture is really memorable characters. John has a terrible genetic disease, the main symptoms of which is hemophilia. We see how it goes hope with her life. “I’m dying” — after the next repetition of these words, the viewer starts to hurt my heart for him. No less sympathy is the wife of John Catlin. One gets the feeling that she was worried about her husband more than him. Her eagerness to pull John up from a slow dive to the light forces to empathize.

Stage-harbingers in the film — simple, but never to the place. Island striking naturalistic, there is no feeling that the place chosen for the filming purpose. Direct “horror” in the film are few, but they are powerful. What is the first appearance of the “enemy”. No pumping music, no warnings. It makes at least flinch. The special effects are cheap, the bet is placed on high-level camera work and editing.

Actors. With all due respect to the Rutger Hauer, I can say that he invested in the role a lot of talent, but not effort. But Roy Dupuis is simply amazing graphic game. Great job.

As a result, I can only Express surprise at the rating of 5.8.

10 out of 10

New review: Hemoglobin 27.06.2017

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