New review: Henry’s Book 04.10.2017

The film is unusual, the fact that he is revealed in the beginning and more than half of holding in tension. It’s not the action-Thriller and not horror, a simple drama that makes you empathize and make decisions the main characters, even though they are contrary to your opinion on the problem and the solution to this problem.

The first story literally gives a big jolt when you realize that this story is about the main character, a boy of 11 years, which for him will not end well. It is shocking what happens next, after the boy will not. Henry really was a genius, he has thought of everything and all, mother, his younger brother, even the neighbor girl who was in a big trap of domestic violence. He was ready to help all, but not in time, too short was his life. But in his book diary mother finds out about the problem neighbor girl and decides to act on the instructions of the son, which he recorded on tape. This is a plan to kill the neighbor, stepfather girls…

At the end of the film the pill, which was very bitter, sweeten and did like a happy ending, the end of history Henry.

I was pleased with the play of Jaden of Liberia, which I was already familiar role of Billy in the movie “It”. This actor is remembered by the adult game.

Naomi watts, about played the role of a loving, but very carefree mother of two children, she and her role have coped 100%. Well, I’d expect no less.

Generally the script is written correctly from the point of view of 11 year old, even a Prodigy, but a child, my only shock is that he doesn’t fit my age and understanding. This is not a problem of the film, and I don’t see it as it should be at maximum the age.

This film is about the notion of life that it is fragile, that it has a lot of UPS and downs that the world around you and have the lives of others, but often you don’t notice what happens next, because they are too busy with themselves and their problems.

7 out of 10

New review: Henry’s Book 04.10.2017

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