New review: Highway 20.06.2017

Read the annotation to the film, I did not expect what I saw while watching.

It’s so deep, emotional and psychological movie…

What happens to the main character, at first looks like a complete horror that God forbid anyone to be in this situation. But it is only at first glance… We always give a chance to fix his life. It is important not to miss this chance.

It was incredibly interesting to watch the transformation of the main characters, as throughout the film they unfolded, as it became clear motives for their actions and how they came to such a life and they who in fact was not. And as a Way to heal them.

And as passed to the relationship between the main characters… So subtly, so gently and so tenderly. How long they were looking for something and do not realize it. Vira was looking for freedom of speech, life, choice, Mahabir — forgiveness and sincere good relations. And everyone did not think that it is possible to find, they resigned. But their souls have searched… and found each other.

In this film there is absolutely no unnecessary moments (everything is just in place) or extra characters (even imbued to a minor — to remember the same Hell). And landscapes of India! It is beyond words. All the time it seemed that she travel with the protagonists of the film.

Music and lyrics, as virtually all Indian films, helped the film to open up and even more filled his sense.

There was a review here that India began to make films about the negative characters and make them heroes. So this movie has nothing to do with it. Anyone who watched knows what thoughts were in the Mahabir and know how it eventually ended. Knowing all this, I think that the other end here and could not be. Although, of course, would tales, but then it would have been a very different movie.

This movie I will remember for a long time (he has already joined the collection of favorites), because what is happening with the main characters that happens to us in everyday life. Someone, like Mahabir, suffering from the past and not believe that it is possible to live differently. Someone the same as Vira tries to break out of the “cage” is not your life and “burying” the past (but it continues to influence). And we all sometimes need such a Road, where there is no past, no future, there is only Way you. In those moments, and begins truly to live.

Line-by-line the film as taking place smoothly and understandable for the viewer is transformed into an intricate pattern, which in the end can only admire. The creators have created a truly beautiful piece, the beauty and the intricacies which can be compared with a list of mehendi.

New review: Highway 20.06.2017

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