New review: His damn business 10.06.2017

If you by some chance has brought to the cinema on a new film with Bruce Willis, we would like to recommend as soon as you start browsing, start looking for the way to safe exit from the hall, because in 20 minutes you will need to use them. Otherwise, you can earn a traumatic brain injury from repeated blows with a hand on his forehead, or worse, earn a broken jaw from the constant yawning. Yes, a new film by Willis again, everything is bad.

Unfortunately, we have to admit, the Nut is simply banal not to fall, he’s already at the bottom. The first 15 minutes he still try to remember what acting is, but then self-score. Instead of carstvovanija Brusca run naked in the frame, well painted, like port girl. So-so sight, unless you’re the biggest fan of Bruce, perhaps then flabby its fifth point on half of the screen will cause you to either laugh or (God forbid) the rapture.

As for the rest of the actors in this farce, the only one who tries is, oddly enough Momoa. In his case, our dubbing, finally, does not spoil, but rather only adds flavor to the character and the result is a though stupid but at least fun drug dealer dolt. For Goodman and Janssen is best not to rely simply APE the first, and the second to visit the screen minutes way five.

So, all very bad. The dialogue is incredibly lame, the storyline itself starts suddenly and goes nowhere. Yes, even there is no final point, the main character is just gaining in the course of action a variety of quests, and the first part is solved by itself, and the second just hangs in the air. The film is actually more reminiscent of the first series failed and also super cheap series. Only two of the series well, never pulls.

2 out of 10

New review: His damn business 10.06.2017

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