New review: Horace and Pete 31.07.2017

A happy event introduced me to the series” Horace and Pete.”

I must say that this is something unique! Apparently though we are living through a Golden age of TV series. I sooo it’s hard to remember at least a couple of modern films which have the standard of drama and the quality of performance was on a par.

It’s like a session of hypnotherapy. There are no soundtracks, opening splash — a simple picture of pale tones, which is slowly approaching, gradually immersing you in the setting. Visually, “Horace and Pete” is more like a play than a TV series. Only a few survey points, always static, dim lights, the actors go on stage and go with it, and the viewer continues to watch. Hypnotherapy is because the show sets up the viewer on your leadley and a very smooth pace, and by mid-season you start to feel that incredible catch relaxation from immersion in this quiet little world Brooklyn dark bar with wooden furniture and only three drinks to choose from. Hypnotherapy is also because as expected on the hypnosis, in the end you need to bring client out of trance back to the real world. And here’s the last series abruptly and without warning will shock you so hard it will shake you by the shoulders, you instantly Wake up from the blissful relaxation and even smoke a cigarette (if you tend).

“Horace and Pete” is your new foreign best friends. Honestly. At first you may think that it is somewhat boring: just talk. But first, all of them unfamiliar to you, but over time, each of the actors will be revealed and become surprisingly native. GOD, Yes, even the drunks of the second plan, which will only fill out the timing of his comments or remarks have become like old drinking buddies, with whom you want to speak and speak. This talk is somewhat reminiscent of the film “what men talk About”. Same thoughts about pressing issues and philosophical questions in the form of regular dialogue of ordinary people. Here about love and forgiveness, about the complicated relationship between fathers and children and politics.

“Horace and Pete” — it’s like expensive wine. Here a perfectly balanced bouquet’s being a drama and Comedy. This is a taste of real life, where it happens and good and bad and nothing outweighs the other where to take both sides of life full participants in our destinies. Funny moments make you laugh, sad — strongly to the lips.. They alternate and intermingle, leaving behind an incomparable finish of a masterpiece.

New review: Horace and Pete 31.07.2017

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