New review: Hostages 07.10.2017

“Hostages”. After reading these posts I am often asked whether or not to watch a particular movie? In this matter my position is always the same: the perception — especially of creativity is a very subjective thing. But, here I’m sure, the picture Rezo Gigineishvili will not leave anyone indifferent.

You won’t see in the film, no romanticizing of the characters, nor condemn their actions. Rezo gave a chance to everyone to choose his side, to speculate about the questions “why” and “why”. He’s not talking about the motivation of the characters, although hints jeans, Camel cigarettes and bitlovskiy plates. Only parents shot then say in a small voice: “After all, they are all there”…

These stylistic principles are preserved throughout the film despite the genre and commercialization. A fleeting picture, from swimming in the surging sea, to the bustling Georgian wedding, interrupted as if specially reinforced by the sound of gunfire — all in order to maintain an impartial tone. To leave it as is. Everyone does something that is doomed.

Neither heroes nor villains; they were held hostage to foreign ideas and their own perfectionism. And maybe, just maybe, freedom, the inherent need of the human individual, the path to which irrational, an urge, an absolute, existing outside the framework of States, religions and beliefs.

7 out of 10

New review: Hostages 07.10.2017

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