New review: Hostages 26.09.2017

Definitely the best title for the new film, Gigineishvili than “Hostages”, it was impossible to pick up.

From the first frame of the picture, its atmosphere makes it clear that the vile sadistic public education in which the characters live — in hostages all. And those sort of “it all” (as the children of successful parents speak condemning their fellow students), and even the bastards in leather jackets and stupid Martinet, which are designed to shoot at anything living that wants to come out from the Evil Empire, even though the hostages, at least the hijackers.

In General, as for a film on real events, the movie managed no doubt. Of course, some glavgeroev it would be possible to disclose, but the film clearly pulls from the part of the alleged timekeeping. Yes, even for one only the beauty of the picture, this well-anti-Soviet film, you can put head and shoulders above the lion’s share of the rest mass of Russian cinema shot this year (though he mostly Georgian).

But the drama and sensible directorial vision in it so much that just could not agree with Dolinam that all of this is very talented. And only somenet the second half of the film, like screenwriting, and purely visual, does not admire it to the fullest. Everything after the airport — very brief and sometimes awkward. But you should definitely watch.

7 out of 10

New review: Hostages 26.09.2017

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