New review: Hotel Transylvania 29.07.2017

What if the authors of a moderately popular franchise will see a failure the success of the Minions and Despicable me 3? Correctly, will imitation and hope to make money on HYIP. Maybe in my dreams, a glimmer of budget the third part of Transylvania, and maybe the vampires are not kidding, even spin-offs.

But really, any parody is funny, not funny… like this. In order not to distract the main writers, the idea of the just handed duty to the writers of Disney. I do not even want to imagine saunalahti their careers and the hatred of mankind, but in every scene of this series you will feel.

With what it began? One gets the feeling that the developers got the task to introduce the franchise to the younger generation. The first and the second film is gone for young people 25-35. Its charm and got the older audience. But the children and teenagers just do not understand what it was about. As a result, decided to shoot a series for individuals “to 16”. And with all of the disney techniques — effects when you need to laugh, patterns since grandpa Mickey, complete indifference to the original story.

With the main series here, only 1 of the main characters — the charismatic vampiracy Mevis. Here, she’s still a teenager and the viewer is invited to see the brunt of the growing young undead in a hotel environment. And the conditions are truly serious — because the movie was at the time of the later series. So some of the characters have mutated beyond recognition, the main characters got very persistent and very selective amnesia, and the hotel repeatedly changed its position in space and possibly time.

Nice to look only to the servants at the hotel, they metamorphosis said positive and here they are much younger, more active and, pardon the pun, alive. But a conventional villain, who is suspected of kinship with the unforgettable Jafar of Agrabah, is a keen lack of understanding in the pedagogical context of the series. It’s a nanny, a teacher, a guardian, or “household maniac”?) But the skinny ladies, even close to no charisma dear Bok. She gets only silent scenes. Morals are lost in the wilds of early childhood of the writers and confusing for everyone else.

The series is keenly recommended to fans of the original franchise.

New review: Hotel Transylvania 29.07.2017

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