New review: House 29.07.2016

Initially, my expectations for this film were very high because so many people recommended it to me and only spoke a good word. Only now my hands have reached “Home,” and the film lived up to my expectations. From the beginning I saw a lot of heroes, and the first 40 minutes didn’t quite understand what was happening, but the plot explains everything.

From the pros can highlight the acting. Loved Bohdan Stupka in the role of master of the house, Ekaterina Rednikova in the role zagnuvshis smart girl, pleased and erotic scenes with her participation. Sergey Garmash did very well with the role of the elder brother, the successor of his father, mysterious and dangerous, but at the same time and very loving to the whole family. The least liked Vladimir Epifantsev in the role of Pasha overgrown.

In my opinion, the main disadvantage of the film — the lack of morality and final thoughts. Tragic ending, almost the whole family is killed — all this gives to think only for the first hour or two after watching the film, but the film remains in my head, and I don’t quite understand what the Director wanted to say with this film. May have been influenced by a strong limitation in the budget, as Pogodin said in his interview.

Overall — a good film with interesting characters and plot, but not enough final thoughts. However, my friends that I could recommend, as he looks on one breath, and practically on any part of the movie wondering what will happen next.

7 out of 10

New review: House 29.07.2016

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