New review: How cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James 09.06.2017

Romanticized time, the Robin hood of the Wild West, a killer with a soul wide open Jesse James — the idol of “green” Robert Ford, trying to become like him and moreover, to surpass the brutal killer who seems to him a kind of demigod (“You want to be like me or want to be me?”, — asks Jesse James). Gang Jesse robs a few banks in a year, feeding on energy and inhuman instinct of the leader, creates a local war on the emerging American soil.

“In his presence glowed in the air. The rain lashed harder. The clock slowed down. The sounds grew louder”

In 1881 Jesse turns 34 in a couple of days in the gang joins brothers Charlie and Robert Ford. As they all began to love and respect Jesse, but to be afraid. They are ready to kill him when he is vulnerable; ready volagratis them when he boldly stands on the barricade to meet heavy cash train. Jesse has not played for profit, but for the joy of killing. He soon realized what a heavy burden he took on himself and his friends. Depriving one another of life, also to him came Robert, winning trust.

Robert Ford was a traitor, for others a hero and for a short while. Throwing off sin with friends, Jesse gives Robert an expensive revolver, which would later see in the reflection, pointing to him, hand Robert. Time to throw off the sins and with ourselves. He is not afraid, because “you will not refuse to die standing with one foot in the next world”.

Killing in the head of your ideal, Robert Ford killed himself suspended. Regretting made, it will be every day to kill Jesse at the theater and torturing themselves human hatred. It was not what I was expecting. “You know, what did I expect? Applause. But they are not followed”, says Robert Ford. He was killed in his own bar, also received a bullet in the head. He died forever, because in his honor “do not write biographies, no children, which was named in honor of him”. But rose, Jesse James photos of his dead body, songs about the “American Robin hood”. Jesse James became a legend.

While it is difficult for someone to present on the role of Robert Ford, if not Casey Affleck. He is clearly head and shoulders above his older brother Ben. A high and shaky voice, shifty eyes and uncertain movements, outbursts of laughter and insolence. The stupid smile or the red eyes of rage is a complicated character, with which the strength to cope only Casey Affleck an.

People like lump, just a glance makes it clear that everything here revolves around it. When he laughs, you laugh everyone else (except Bob Ford, the daring of a coward), when stops abruptly, — all silent. Game brad pitt is unlikely to be able to let go, but I can see the role of Jesse Daniel day-Lewis, who a year later would show itself in “Oil”.

Andrew Dominik, the film turned out to be friends with Terrence Malick and showed him the film that he did not like. But the similarity with Malik there, and a lot of them! The calm rhythm of narration, the endless horizons of the Wild West. This melancholy targeting Colorado: yellow, gold, amber, black sky, cold clear air and the fish under the blue ice. Operator Roger Dickens removes the dust in the rays of the setting sun; catches shadow magic: the branches reflected on the faces of the robbers from the light in the darkness; it shows the pitch darkness of the forest, from which there is little light, is gaining more and more light and a minute later turns into a very heavy train, rushing like a Buffalo on another beast — Jesse James. Dickens never received reward, except the audience.

Special attention should be paid to composers nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Music is one of the three pillars of the film. Pumping the atmosphere with its monotonous buzz, makes you shudder and not a little afraid during the murder, when in any other case you would have remained indifferent. On stage Robert Ford, Jesse James, Charlie Ford and music.

Favorite stereotype about the dynamic Western failing. Film with a steady narrative, interrupted for reflection and landscapes. You are only required to complete the dive and think about what they saw and heard. The real art? Of course.

New review: How cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James 09.06.2017

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