New review: How to get away with murder 26.06.2017

Not to say that I now have the most pleasant emotions from viewing of the series. Can they be described as a disappointment from the time spent? An hour ago I thought that, but now, after a fairly productive reflection, I take back my words. The series is worth a look.

I can’t call CILANTRO picture about lawyers. It is an ordinary detective, sometimes with an obvious style of the women writers of this genre. A woman’s hand is visible in some incomprehensible for men the turn of events (the same shot Wes to Annalisa when all of the logic setting). Or in the climax of the third season, which I was so jarred. I guessed the instigator somewhere in the middle, I really thought it was a delusional thought. Nonsense materialized. And it is in the negative.

Advantages of the series are the aforementioned flashbacks, which kept in suspense the whole season at least, giving food for thought. The writers always try to mislead the audience that he did not fully understand the essence and thus do not depart from the screens. The second season succeeded in this, but unfortunately, he and the basis of my NIT-picking to the irrationality of zapotevanie. You better develop the theme of Bonnie (of course, held on 4-5 seasons of its line, but still), maybe not to merge Sinclair so early and flat.

These flashbacks are complemented by well-designed developments of the characters (except Bonnie and Connor). At first, the characters look horribly clumsy representatives of their “classes”. I think many homophobes and racists turned off the TV in the first series, seeing the imposition of a specific treatment of different minorities; they may be absolutely right, given the long plot, many characters, but those who are attracted to the rather tense atmosphere of the main plot (backed up to the same dark tones of the estate Kitingan), such a slow and continuous development allows us not to lose interest, which can be warped drawbacks of the plot in General.

But the thing that makes not throwing up to watch this epic is acting. My favorite trio is viola Davis, Jack Fallahi and Lisa vail. And that’s the line the last two talantis not disclosed until now, and that’s good. Viola did a good job with the role even more than you need. When I found out that some of the moves with the same hair — it was her idea, I once more admired her as a professional. I hope she will get the coveted trophies.

Personally I have seen the film a framework for thinking about changes in our society. Here the emphasis is not really on tolerance towards minorities. It is made to how to fix Raznotravie on the property status. Maybe for the countries of Eastern Europe such gross abuse of capitalism it is immaterial that, given our yet free higher education to meet the criteria for access to people, but in the US if you were born poor, can almost certainly say goodbye with great prospects. Or you need to keep such strong teeth, to be allowed to climb at any cost. The issue of corruption — a scourge of all times and peoples at all times.

The disadvantages include the love line. The feeling that they created purely for the sex scenes. Maybe I’m too conservative, but sex, and then love is alien to me. Of all the relationships I like a relationship to Bonnie and Frank, that’s really what needs to be developed comprehensively. The pain Bonnie passed right through the screens when she finds the Motel room empty. More like a special relationship of Connor and Micaelli, there may somewhere to pop up the love (believe that all men only bi).

In General:

+ good tense atmosphere, great acting of the main cast, constant character development (but that can be clumsy because of our preconceptions); a lot of cases.

– plot twists and agathachristie.

New review: How to get away with murder 26.06.2017

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