New review: How to train your dragon 23.06.2017

– We parents believe that the nasty name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our delicate manners…

New animation Studio DreamWorks, who gave the world such cartoons as “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “Kung fu Panda” and many others. And now it’s time to get acquainted with the Vikings…

I can’t say that it is a masterpiece of animation, but this cartoon is clearly there. Many earlier projects DreamWorks slightly below, but does not fall below the bar. In the column awards there are a couple of Oscar nominations (including “Best animated film”), but he did not get them sooner just because competitors in these categories was rather strong.

As for the cartoon, here I have a controversial opinion. I have already written that the quality of projects is growing, but I’m a little tweaked by the fact that these works are becoming more childish. Reduced the age for which it is all removed. Unlike “Shrek,” where the buried subtexts and deep meaning, “How to train your dragon” frankly smacks of kindergarten.

The story without a long buildup immerses the viewer in the thick of things. After a brief acquaintance with the main characters, the story starts to spin and goes on increasing. Then the narrative is smoothly fixed on the same level, not allowing the viewer to fade from the monotony of what is happening on the screen. We can say that the storyline and cleverly woven into her secondary sujecki, definitely will not get bored during the viewing.

But otherwise, this is one of those cases where you can turn off the brain and just relax, watching the scene on the screen. And the special sense it is better not to look.

6 out of 10

New review: How to train your dragon 23.06.2017

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