New review: howl’s moving castle 16.06.2017

After topping cartoon “spirited away” Miyazaki rallied on the powerful new project — “moving castle”, based on the novel by English writer Diana Wynne Jones. New creations slightly has not held up to its predecessor, as at the box office and the awards, although it is not the case when it is to impute the blame to the film.

The new cartoon takes place in a wonderful fantasy world where you can find both features of Europe and Japan in early XX century. Miyazaki again namesever cocktail of his favorite themes. Before the eyes of the audience take a steampunk reality, in which closely intertwined as extraordinary machines and inventions, and mages and spirits of various ranks and capabilities. Another favourite theme of the Director always have images of flying people and flying machines. Was no exception and “howl’s moving castle”, where the flight allocated a lot of screen time. Well, after all is laid: despite the name, in the full version of which featured the wizard howl, the main character, as is often the case, is a humble, noble and brave girl Sophie, suddenly reincarnated grandmother. This is followed by the object of her romantic affection, in fact, the hole, the mighty magician, who appears at first a model of perfection, in fact, as it turns out, hides a lot of nesovershenstvo in the most secret corners of his soul. The backdrop to all this are evil and not very witches, demons, ridiculous friends and many minor episodic characters. Yes, and the castle, which is more like a kind of hut on chicken legs, is almost a full-fledged character-driven demon Calciferol.

When all of this action comes to the end, and it is not clear why was all this fuss. It turns out that the war that was a mess, no one, in fact, not needed, and therefore, it quickly collapses. However, Miyazaki himself is not denied that in the cartoon despite the abundance and dynamic fight scenes and chases there is no clear antagonist. An ardent pacifist, he sought to expose the war that is the main trouble of all mankind.

– Look at him, he flies to destroy the city and the people.
– The enemies or ours?
They’re all the same.

To the word a little about the title. In the anime, like the original novel sounds like “howl’s moving castle of howl”, and in the Japanese version of the hole suddenly turns into Hauru. It would seem that they have in common? Well, turns out it’s another word translated from the respective languages as the word “howl”. So, following the same logic in the Russian language the movie should be called “Howl moving castle”. I agree, sounds like that’s the craziest thing.

What else distinguishes Miyazaki, and generally East from the Western cinema is accented by naturalistic in depicting phenomena and metamorphoses, whether it be the melting of the fat witch, the transformation of the protagonist into a monster or just have it in the truest sense of the word raschitana. But in essence this is what it all and love what Miyazaki even with the previous film made a small revolution in the mass consciousness of the Western audience.

In the end, we have another masterpiece of the master: the abundance of colourful and unusual characters, unusual plot with several unexpected twists, beautiful from a visual point of view, the plans, and just a sophisticated tale of love, kindness and devotion.

9 out of 10

New review: howl’s moving castle 16.06.2017

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