New review: Hunted horses 28.07.2017

Like Spanish actress Maria Valverde. Watch all her movies. But in this film, starring Anton Yelchin is a very strong actor who chooses interesting projects. For the rest of the cast — all unknown faces. But it is worth noting the play of Chris Marquette. He has an extraordinary character, a little nerdy guy is tricked into working as a hit man. Very colorful looks the actor who plays little buddy Henry Shotwell. He would be in the Tim Burton films.

The movie itself just with the unpredictable development of the plot. I’m ten times changed its prediction of what will turn out and what the outcome. And I’m rarely surprised — a lot of look. The film in different genres. I mean, there’s five minutes of action, there are fifteen minutes, detective, there ten minutes of melodrama in General ponameshano. If not for this directorial decision, the film was a ten.

But overall I really liked the movie. Quite serious, unpredictable, so fun to watch, exciting, the cast is good. I’d say it’s more psychological drama with elements of crime. But there is no vulgarity, terrible, disgusting frame — all that is annoying me in American films like the story.

New review: Hunted horses 28.07.2017

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