New review: Hunter of wall street 23.06.2017

The plot of the drama with Gerard Butler in the lead role and produced by set in Chicago, where in the opinion of our distributors suddenly moved to wall Street. The main character, Dane Jensen is a successful recruiter or as they used to call bounty Hunter. The Dane is aggressive, ambitious and ruthless professional, ready to do anything for a promotion. And the chance he gets. Boss performance Willem Defoe arranges a contest between Dane and his equally strong opponent in the performance of Alison brie. The one who will make more trades for the maximum amount gets the job. In the course of going any meanness but the taste of the approaching victory overshadows the news about the son, which detect leukemia. In front of the hero a choice: to drop out of the race for the family or managing all at the same time. After all, the Dane put so much effort into what he does best. But the emotional attachment had not.

The directorial debut of producer Mark Williams tries to play on the feelings of long ago proven techniques, not disdaining openly staged scenes in reality which is a little hard to believe. And then a sick child and a father who probably spends with his son the last days of the claim of the wife to the husband at work and physically and mentally 24/7. Whether he saved from grief, or does not know what to do. And, as in a fairy tale, even the most cold-blooded sharks in business be kinder and more sensitive. In parallel, the Director’s associates trying to return a fashion on happy endings, which has sunk into oblivion in the middle of the two thousandth.

But is this unlikely to succeed. Some dramatic scenes are clearly hypertrophied, tense and serious drama do not dare even to threaten.

Acting Butler of course good, but we all know what he can do better. Become a producer of this film possible attempt by Gerard to go out to the circulation completely, because the demand is less from year to year and always to play bodyguard, killing the terrorists will not work.

+: The Game Of Willem Defoe. It literally to face the role of the unscrupulous and ruthless businessman.

– Play on the feelings of the viewer long hackneyed techniques — at least moveton. Times are changing and audiences are growing anyway.

6 out of 10

New review: Hunter of wall street 23.06.2017

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