New review: Hurricane 21.06.2017

Sometimes miscarriages of justice are too expensive. The history knows many cases when people are falsely accused of serious crimes, for many years tried to achieve excellent judgements. And not always they do it. It can happen to ordinary people and celebrities. One of the most famous cases of such injustice happened in the life of an American professional boxer Rubin Carter, whose tragic fate was the basis of this film.

Picture of canadian Director Norman Jewison is put on motives of the documentary book authors Chayton Sam and Terry Swinton, and the autobiography of Rubin Carter. Although the authenticity of the tape many questioned. A number of facts presented in the film are not true. It should be noted that the main part transferred very accurately.

The film is multi-layered, this is facilitated by the long duration of 146 minutes. The story is shown from both the crankcaseand the eyes of a young guy of Lesra Martin, which is so strongly inspired by the book of the boxer that he decided by all means to help him achieve justice. Shown and the child of a boxer and his family, and the hard life in prison.

This biographical drama. Although the film tells the story of the boxer, the sports theme is almost not affected. It is only indicated and represented to a small extent. This is primarily a human tragedy. And it affects a large number of important topics. Racism, social injustice, legality and justice. All of this is displayed in this feed. There is a deep thought and morality. Stylistically this is done in depressed tones. And the oppressive atmosphere of cool is passed to the viewer.

Worthy to embody the image of famous boxer was entrusted to one of the best actors of his time Denzel Washington. He brilliantly coped with the task. An incredible immersion into a role. Emotions, feelings, inflexibility of mind and will demonstrated at the highest level. The background is weaker, despite having such good actors as Leo Schreiber, Deborah Kara Unger, John Hannah and Clancy brown. Their characters are not particularly memorable.

A hurricane is a severe biographical drama. A story about the tragic fate of the famous boxer Rubin Carter, whose share has fallen a long and thorny path of justice. The picture not everyone will like. Personally, I think a lot of it unfinished. But if you want to see the real history of unusual fate, it is worth taking the time to view it.

6 out of 10

New review: Hurricane 21.06.2017

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