New review: Husk 17.06.2017

Overall not bad, but standard horror in the scenery so loved by the Americans corn fields (Gruel at the time, showed not the people), which is not based on mere boring templates, but not to say that it has its own face. The atmosphere reminds more of Jeepers Creepers. Looks nice, and even the notorious BU points / game is only at the end, and there is just logic really have goes out the window.

Kompaneyka heroes standard to outrageous macho — man fashion, man, TA, Botan, and… a character who right from the beginning becomes a corpse. We know about him is that he is fooling. Character with a capital letter PE.

Remember it is a creepy moment with sewing Natalie, but he also hangs the film further questions he can’t answer (right now the do’er can close the door, and then not anymore?).

The original name of “Husk” in the context of the film correctly translated as “Sheath” that mirrors the feature film. While the “Husk” is a game from the distributors that don’t sweat such a thing as watching a movie and just drove the first name in the dictionary.

New review: Husk 17.06.2017

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