New review: I am legend 03.10.2017

American writer Richard Matheson is a truly unique author. He worked in such literary genres as science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror. Moreover, he skillfully combined these genres in one work and this made his story innovative and like no other. The work of Richard Matheson was a huge influence on other writers they admired the recognized classics of world literature such as Stephen king and ray Bradbury. Of course such a colorful writer could not stay away from the attention of the film makers. His books were repeatedly filmed, and he became a successful screenwriter.

The film is based on perhaps the most famous the novel by the eminent author. In fact this book made a decisive contribution to shaping modern ideas about vampires and zombies as well as popularized the concept of post-Apocalypse. All that we see in modern movies and literature on a given topic, has its roots in the cult novel by Richard Matheson. In explanation of this work has already been filmed two movies. “The last man on Earth” in 1964 and “the omega Man” 1971. But they were very weak movies. And now, in our time for filming came from the major people of Hollywood. The Director was appointed as a music video Director Francis Lawrence.

Before us is post-apocalyptic, sci-Fi Thriller on the one hand and heavy life drama on the other. The tape touches on many issues of a philosophical nature. Instead of the usual action Thriller, we see a much more profound work, in which well reveals the theme of loneliness. The painting is notable for its subtle psychology. The inner experiences of the main character is worthy of psychological analysis. It’s certainly not an intellectual film, but a much more intelligent cloth than the standard blockbuster. However, this is an exciting and entertaining movie, filmed for a wide range of audience.

Of course or where not to go from comparisons of the movie and the book. If you watch the film knowing nothing about the literary source, it will produce a very strong impression. So it was in my case. But people familiar with the book may not feel the on-screen version. When I read the book, I realized how much meaning was put by the author in his work. This is a deep, philosophical speculation and talented reinterpretation of the classic stories about vampires and other vermin. Therefore, I recommend beginning to watch a movie, and then read an intelligent and original book.

Will Smith has a huge acting talent, which is unfortunately not always possible to implement on the big screen. In this case, he managed brilliantly to create the image of a man, the only remaining representative of the human race. He elicits sympathy and concern for his character, which is an important indicator of acting.

I am legend is an atmospheric, entertaining, exciting and intelligent sci-Fi Thriller. In addition, we have a deep and tragic postapokalipticheskoy drama of a man suffering from loneliness and trying to find other people. Unfortunately the film did not use the full potential of the literary source and can not claim the title of great literature. But in any case, this is a great movie, worthy of your viewing.

7 out of 10

New review: I am legend 03.10.2017

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