New review: Ice age 4: continental drift 30.07.2016

The cartoon is awesome. Watched it a million times. And not boring after all. All the scenes in the cartoon is amazing. It is difficult to describe the scene scraps — the cartoon all good. This time our heroes went to sea. Captain Bastard just tough gorilla still the same. His colleagues, too, is beyond praise. Our heroes even here Cox — added the new characters. Daughter Manny is a doll, not a mammoth. The wife also did so. Mole Louis is a dumb went. Grandma Sid the most colorful character Ice age 4. When she swam in the sea, and the shark belly-up surfaced, I almost burst out laughing. The scoring stage. In short, the cartoon is just great.

Philosophy in the cartoon dumb. The pirates really exist on the planet. How else? Sea bandits are already scientifically proven. It is a fact. The main philosophical lines of the film — you have to be good and funny for human life. And all you get. I know whereof I speak. In short, be brave for human life.

As a result, we have a good cartoon about wild animals. I couldn’t fault it. The cartoon just super. As a previous part. To watch to all fans of the Ice age. In particular, and me. From me the highest score this wonderful cartoon:

10 out of 10

New review: Ice age 4: continental drift 30.07.2016

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