New review: Ichi the killer 15.06.2017

I’m not a big fan of Japanese cinema, and films about the Yakuza and the mafia, but this movie pleased me. In front of us Asian slashers with a dash of Thriller.

Ichi-the killer, how the character is developed quite weak, considering that he is the main character of the film, but Kakihara that idea is the main antagonist, prescribed just fine, and in fact it is perceived as the main character. The motivation and actions of this character are quite clear, he wants to find his boss, and when he learns of his murder, to avenge him. And Ichi the killer, just a whiner-a psychopath with zadurmanennymi mind, and being a puppet in the hands of a former police officer g that his hands cracked down on the Yakuza.

Ichi the killer is a character who neither empathize nor imbued him sympathy, and perceive it as a character of the second plan.

Takashi Miike simply confused the types of the characters, leaving the main character behind, and ahead he Kakihara. However, this is a pretty good movie to watch is definitely worth.

New review: Ichi the killer 15.06.2017

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