New review: I’d Like to be here 27.06.2017

Good and a good family film, at first it seemed that it will be a merry Comedy, but it turned out not so simple…

I am most impressed with the message of Zach Braff, about the importance and primacy of family happiness and well-being (which is impossible without taking responsibility for themselves and their lives), and not reckless and selfish desire to search for their “dream job”. Because often we can be stuck in this quest and not catch the main thing — to live in the here and now and to enjoy every moment of our (and our families) fleeting life.

Reminded of a quote by the great French artist Henri Matisse, which initially had me a bit incomprehensible, and through this film I realized its depth: “what I dream of is an art of balance.” Because often we are guided in life by the principles of “Take everything from life”, “live to the fullest”, “follow your dreams”, implying the satisfaction of their personal ambitions and selfishness, while forgetting about the main thing, the people who love us and put us in their souls…

And his film Zack managed to remind the viewer that we need to strive for balance, especially balance in relation to life: to dream, not quite looking up from the earth with its realities, to grow up and become responsible, not losing the internal “purity” and the ability to enjoy life as a child, etc.

I thank him for it!

PS and thanks for perfectly matched audio series! Went to look for the final soundtrack.

7 out of 10

New review: I’d Like to be here 27.06.2017

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