New review: I’d Like to be here 29.07.2016

Personally, I have family drama “Wish I was here” is the first acquaintance with the movie, which was filmed largely thanks to donations. Thus, a huge number of ordinary people could get into the list of its producers. It was very tempting to find out what kind of a film, especially since his rating is better than a seven on KP, and this can be equated to “four” on a five-point school system. From the beginning of acquaintance, you can understand that “I Want to be here” is almost entirely the author’s project of actor, Director, screenwriter and producer Zack Braff, who became famous after TV series “scrubs”, which ran for nine seasons from 2001 year to 2010 inclusively. But in the path of the full-length movie Zach Braff not everything went well. To be honest, I know only one picture (where he was an actor and Director, and screenwriter) — melodrama “Country gardens” 2003-year.

In the “Country gardens” Zach Braff thoroughly outlines the life of each individual character and what is currently in charge of it and that torments. But Zach Braff clearly lacked the depth of drama in the “Country gardens” and this attack has haunted him and “would I Like to be here.” In fact, Zach together with his older brother Adam George. Braff wrote the script about a family that faces two types of crisis: age and financial. Thus, Bruffy tried in the film to show the average American family with traditional mental problems, but the film had a visible desire to show to the viewer the option as possible to deal with all this. Honestly, especially saturated melodramatic nature of the film, I didn’t, it has some unnecessary digressions, but on the other hand, if it is rejected, then overall it is a strong American painting, which, however, the duration will consist of an hour.

Hero Zack Braff, and he plays in the film the main male role — family man Aidan bloom, his lovely and understanding wife (Kate Hudson) and two children: teenager grace (Joey king) and baby Tucker (pierce Gagnon). Aidan earns a living acting, constantly goes on auditions, but lately he was not lucky and he is not. At the same time, his father ceases to remit funds to a privileged school for children of Aidan. It turns out that the father is terminally ill. With no means for teaching children, Aidan himself undertakes for it, and then he realizes that his family is full of problems and a long time ago in her broken understanding. And while Aiden has free time he tries to establish relations with wife, children, father and brother, a recluse. This path is difficult, but with time, communication and relationship more and more stronger and finally, the family of Bloom will find the strength to live on and support each other. This is such a touching story of one American family.

Zach Braff somehow with their appearance fit the role of Aiden, the more that the role was written for him. He is so kind, helpful, but somewhat stupid and pliable in the “I Wish I could be here.” It is not a man, but on the other hand he’s definitely good husband and a wonderful father. But even under the condition that Zach Braff’s all this film did, his on-screen brother performed by Josh Gad is remembered more. His frikbot is his speciality, and relationship with my father became almost the main storyline, at least it was very interesting. Approximately at the level of Gad plays a young Joey king, who showed that even expression of adolescents suggests that they think only of themselves, they are not too selfish. But Kate Hudson was somewhat disappointing. No, she is always a ray of sunshine in the dark, but if she is not prepared for their role, where she missed emotionally, but somewhere is clearly not enough strong scenes with her participation.

With all due respect to the star of the TV series “scrubs” Zach Braff, I will say that his film “Wish I was here” frankly rescue Josh Gad and Joey king, the characters of which turned out to be far more melodrama than him and even Kate Hudson. The film is not devoid of errors, he tightened somewhat, but if You have, say, autumn mood, you can watch “Wish I was here”, because he has spoken about the fact that of all situations there is a way and its better to search together who are near and dear.

7 out of 10

New review: I’d Like to be here 29.07.2016

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