New review: I’m Heath Ledger 27.07.2017

It seems Australian actors have a special charm. They want to watch again and again. Heath was one of these actors. He was incredibly charismatic and emotional. He was overflowing with ideas and implement them. He was a radiant man, and people were drawn to him.

As soon as I heard about this movie, immediately started searching the Internet. Finding it, I immediately started browsing it and not looking enjoy the spectacle.

Like many documentaries, this film is built on interviews with family, friends and acquaintances of the protagonist of the film. They tell us what was Hit. And according to their description it becomes clear that he was very sincere and always remained themselves, because they describe one and the same person. Sometimes it happens that the same person described in different ways, but this is not the case.

Their words backed up by personal photos, personal videos. By the way, Heath liked to shoot everything on photo and video camera. Thus, his daughter will be a lot of material on which it will be able to know dad better. It, and not the characters of his films. I think it’s very cool! Also, there are excerpts from other films Hit. He is a terrific actor, though, because each role was different from the previous one. Of course I can not mention his Joker. Forgive me, the rest of the cast, the Joker Heath seems to me the most convincing and memorable. Just because he’s the most human! He empathize. Joker Heath character is laid out in detail. From the voice to the gait.

So what was Hit? In my opinion, he was a cocky guy who liked to perform spontaneous acts and not afraid of anything new. On the contrary, he loved to throw himself a challenge! He was cute and therefore enjoyed success with women. He was confident, was friendly and he was absolutely sincere person. In fact, very sorry that we were not personally familiar. I’d like to have a friend.

When watching the film, I thought that Heath was afraid of loneliness. He surrounded himself with family and friends, he loved parties. His doors were always open as his heart. The film is emotional, but rather in a positive direction. I’m constantly smiling!

I think this film will be interesting not only to admirers of his talent, but also for those who any film with his participation is not yet seen. After you view this film, you’ll want to get acquainted with the filmography of Heath Ledger.

Nice view;)

New review: I’m Heath Ledger 27.07.2017

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