New review: I’m here, never come (Luba) 18.06.2017

I don’t remember when, but before you see on YouTube, I have this… well, I don’t even know what to call it what it is… saw it on TV on some UHF channel. I do not understand why this girl has her toys, she’s a psycho patient? And just found out today that lifted this stuff is none other than the great Rolan Bykov.

But looking at the year, I’m not surprised. In those years was not such Directors who have not observed something critical, vital. When on the TV show good, good, and suddenly allowed to show it.

What the author expected? All straight horrified? Oh my God, poor girl has got an alcoholic mother, she is the same little rowdy, which knows nothing else, watch it, watch as she falls off a cliff! Read them and weep. But louder!

I have one question — has any right to exist in this filth? Imagine if children see? The girl flies down, beating on the rocks! What? It is for adults? To look and was horrified?! And did this drunken mother? Yes, everyone who this stuff looked sick as a horse!

The great Rolan Bykov there are other brilliant movies about children and about children, Comedy, and drama. Why make THIS?! Rolan Antonovich, apparently, like everything to be fashionable, but only one goes and the other not. That is the case.

Ordering site. Is the case when a contract turns out to be extremely mediocre.

New review: I’m here, never come (Luba) 18.06.2017

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