New review: I’m here, never come (Luba) 29.09.2017

Star cast: the operator Rerberg, Director of the Bulls. You can of course a lot to criticize this short film, got to it from an aesthetic point of view the claim of course, but when you consider that the film is likely to go as social advertising, and was filmed, rather at short notice and for little money, you can treat him leniently.

I find it very strange looked the scene of the “ascension”. It is naive and even, from the height of our time banal or what, but remember that the film was shot in 1990, after 70 years of ideological atheism. At that time all the screens swept various obscurantism, and then the assignment to some religious reasons was associated with spirituality. Here, I think, so well done. The production of “ascension,” done, of course, clumsily, but metaphorical frames that accompany it, soften the effect.

Still a little tight it looked in the beginning (when the boy’s mother). In the background we hear the girl screaming. Both Creek merge in a cacophony of voice, and the feeling even that it’s a girl’s fault that the mother behaves.

But everything else is made so that allows us to include this short film masterpieces.

The authors have avoided the excessive naturalism and revealed the horrors of the child’s life ostranenie — represented them through children’s games. But the impressions from these games is no less terrible than the naturalistic details of life. Music from “Tales of wanderings” attaches the emotion to the story.

The actress was picked up perfectly (I’m a girl). In my opinion you need to pick the actors. This is not a professional actress, a child with a similar fate and typecasting (why all very true and terribly happened).

The skill of the operator adds its findings. Interesting scene where the girl turns to the echo of mother’s voice on the high Bank of the river (in the beginning), remember this is a sharp, somewhat angular impact? And this is the beginning of the nineties! About Dogma 95 Lars is not muddled again!

Overall was a very strong film, though pathetic.

8 out of 10

New review: I’m here, never come (Luba) 29.09.2017

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