New review: In exile 04.10.2017

I love this movie. Though he shot in the 1998th year, but it looks today very modern and interesting. Shahrukh unquestionably gorgeous. Special about this film is its main advantage — colorful, intriguing, and genuinely inimitable shows the rich culture, traditions and national spirit of India. Beautifully presented a comparison of America and India. In the best colours, learn about the life of indigenous Indians living in another country, as they support the youth spirit and the national character of his homeland. Everything seems harmonious at a high level and brings a lot of pleasure of watching in the mood for fans of this Indian cinema.

Kishore many years ago came from India to America. Over the years he managed good idea to sit in a foreign country and earn decent condition. Despite the fact that in America, he lives well, he still can not forget their homeland. He always instilled in his son the Indian national traditions and that’s why she decided to marry him to this girl from India. Without thinking twice, he decides to tie the fate of the son with the daughter of his old friend. After some time the son of Kishore Rajiv goes to India, gets acquainted with the girl and brought his bride to America. Between young wonderful relationship. But can a girl who grew up and reared in the strict tradition to get used to living far from home, surrounded by strangers for her people?

A beautiful film, like all the other films starring the brilliant actor of Shah Rukh Khan, he’s like always on top, he decoration and the heart of the movie. His magic, a sincere smile is simply mesmerizing, his incredible sight captivates from the first seconds. But as always. It is matchless.

It’s a good inimitable , Amrish Puri, just no words. In a positive role, the venerable father (Kishore Lal), it is simply irresistible. Watched from beginning to end.

Mahima Chaudhary just a real beauty. Her character Ganga as naive, sincere, sweet and very kind. Her feel for the whole movie. Just incredible. Really, really liked me.

The rest of the cast coped brilliantly as well. How I watch already this movie always admire. Especially the pair of Shahrukh (Arjun) and Mahima (Ganga). What passions, what feelings, what love. Just Super! They are both lovely, very harmonious look together.

And divine music is something incredible. From the first notes of such a touching and unique, that the heart shrinks and tears in the eyes are. A terrific film you can watch repeatedly and always get an incredible pleasure and delight. Masterpiece of bollywood for all time. How often our hopes remain deceived… the highest score.

10 out of 10

New review: In exile 04.10.2017

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