New review: In Hong Kong tomorrow 31.07.2016

Just want to say two things: the film needs to look in a certain mood, and the film has an open ending.

Two people meet by chance in Hong Kong, and between them immediately a spark, but things are not so simple. They are given a second chance, but here young people can’t seem to cope. Unique in this film is exactly what the viewer himself to decide the fate of the pair, myself think of the end.

Personally, I was very interested to listen to the dialogue of the characters, because they’re not licked, not oversaturated some too clever quotes and sayings and more like conversations in real life. The characters behave like normal people behave in such situations. I wouldn’t say that this film shows us the real Chinese flavor, and that you will immediately plunge into the frantic pace of Hong Kong. He shows us a clean romance, and an irresistible attraction between two people. This attraction is felt through the screen. I think this is due to the fact that the actors playing the main roles, in real life married. As they look at each other, these are insanely cute and awkward movement. Look really nice, it is clear that actors just love each other, so it’s very easy to play.

I think that this movie need to watch one, maybe when you feel a little sad. When you want to look at pretty pictures and listen to good soundtrack. At such moments, this film is recommended for viewing. He touches and makes you think, but not about something lofty and philosophical, but just about life and love, simple and clean attraction between people.

New review: In Hong Kong tomorrow 31.07.2016

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