New review: In the power of the devil 11.06.2017

Cute schoolgirl Liza suffers a nervous bulimia and is therefore the object of ridicule classmates. No my boyfriend and good friends, and those that are not. And my mom is not very happy with the daughter, but a hefty stepfather tries to maintain the girl. Although sometimes looks at her burning eyes, but any provocative actions not taken. Lisa is suffering: shut in her room pushes into his mouth with handfuls of chips and then run to the toilet and tries to vomit it back up.

And that’s a disaster happens. Buddy Andrew routinely climbs through the window into the room to Lisa, kind of worn out, as usual, but he secretly puts in the room and toilet video camera. Recorded episodes as Lisa eats, cleans the stomach, and then another camodulator in bed causes the spiteful delight of the girls-classmates. And here is the entry posted on the Internet. Disgrace. Despair. Tears. Why so? But the proud mother is shocked by her behavior. Decided to send her for treatment to cover up the scandal. And here comes the help from the many faces of Satan, which Lisa seems to have big plans.

The plot is quite conventional, and the film of the second echelon. In the role of stepfather to the famous but old and huge Michael Madsen. Although not the main role, he is in the list in the first place — it is clear why. As Lisa charming MADI Wodan, which is accustomed to a lean teenage girl looks a little bit large. But it is in children’s eyes, adult’s does not. Role for her first and coped MADI with her on the General background quite well. Maybe she’ll fall into the field of view is more venerable Directors and producers with the continuation of film career.

Looks good in the role of satanic beauty and Linda Bella. There’s something in her face that attractive. And play the movie it is noticeable, as is the role of the second heroine. Jokes of the devil, wicked and witty (I learned them in the header). The rest of the cast, including a bitchy mother — everything is in place, fortunately, that role is simple. Alas, the directing and the camera work is clearly second class. The weak special effects, makeup and masks and bloody scenes raise a smile. However, if you are young at heart, then swallow. And there is something and not worth watching. Even for the sake of criticism.

Of course, there’s a problem in the script, and small by American standards budget. Jared Kon then himself Director and screenwriter, although in 7 years of his film career he visited as a actor, producer, cameraman and editor. But the special heights not yet reached. Rating it on IMDb and on the CP is quite low. However, in this film the ending, it seems he succeeded. Custom, evil with a sneer. But you can smile

5 out of 10

New review: In the power of the devil 11.06.2017

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