New review: Interns 05.10.2017

To be honest, I’m not a particular fan of TNT. Never watched Stand Up, Comedy Club etc… and the TV series Interns I watched on your computer and not on this channel — I started to watch it quite by accident, having before watching the belief that this is one of the “recent” TV series TNT with the stupid and vulgar jokes. But I was wrong!

The series Interns I was pleasantly surprised — he’s funny, he’s interesting, he’s exciting! The series is light and fun, there is some life drama, taught lessons, no — he tuned it to complete relaxation and immersion in the world of therapy, jokes, and monologues to pass the time.

What I would like to highlight in the series of the benefits? First and foremost, of course, humor. Over the situations in the series you can really laugh.

The second interesting story. I can’t, of course, to say that the ending of the series so penetrating that I wanted to cry, but almost the whole series watched in one breath.

Third — a feature the creators of the series to use classical music as the soundtrack. I liked it. It turned out really great.

The fourth is the game of individual actors, namely Ilya Glinnikov, Alexander Ilyin Jr., Svetlana Permyakova, Vadim Demchog and Odin Byron. These guys are real professionals, their acting was at the highest level. Bravo!

And fifth — I have to say will not be highlighted as a separate item — edrid Madrid! This is the best phrase in show, best trick, best moments! Without Svetlana Permyakova, without Love Mikhailovna and “edrid Madrid” — it would not be “Interns”.

However, the disadvantages of the series are present… I would have closed my eyes to the fact that the costumers dressed Svetlana Kamynin in the same dress every episode in a row, but constantly beeping traffic lights, when the action came to the staffroom? Sound engineers, sound engineers, where were you?

And, to be honest, the first series Ivan Okhlobystin was a bit overplayed. His speech sounded silly, unnatural and very disturbing. But the biggest slip — up of the show- the actress who played Sophia Kalinin. How was it possible to take this series the actress, who did not know how to play?

Don’t want to dwell on the shortcomings of the draft, let’s just say I liked it. Advise those who are after a work/school day want to relax, laugh and watch a movie without drama/blood/detective/cops and so on. Interns are the best option.

9 out of 10

New review: Interns 05.10.2017

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