New review: interstellar 11.10.2017

Love and affection — it seems that the author of the script identifies them.

But they are certainly not one and the same.

Just noticed, is that feelings are strong especially when they radiates in moments of missing when clearly feels the lack of a loved one — and here the red line of the plot.

And here arises the image, and the Director did not create a special image (except of course, acting, but it’s the emotions, and the strength of the film in the idea, as I understand it, not just in words and their bygrove), and remained the Director within words (dialogues of the characters), but the word limits, does not tell fully what was going on — but a sense that is the subject of the film is not just bad, it is impossible to describe in a familiar and imaginable scale of man power is like a bomb — no, not bombs, not even atomic bombs, is like the explosion of a supernova is beyond comprehension and imagination without bounds in the foreseeable space without understanding how it’s quick in time — indefinitely, and at the same time activeuse in the air, as if an ice cloud, or like a giant tsunami wave, slowly and stringy hanging in the sky!

And it is endlessly painful and painful as the dying explosion of the soul, and him no comfort, like the feeling of infinite emptiness of space …

So the images of course, were, but, basically, the viewer habitually considered them part of the spectacle, but is not part shaped obygrali the main idea of the film.

New review: interstellar 11.10.2017

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