New review: Intruder 2 21.06.2017

Many authors of modern zhutikov try first to shock the audience, not to scare. The more blood and abominations, and even close up, with all the details — so, in their opinion, better. But forget about the atmosphere at all and is totally not scary, just disgusting — and as such, I will say, jutika count? In this experiment, surprisingly, just blood not so much — no, of course it is, of course, the genre requires, but the operator is not relishes the killing because they are mostly behind the scenes and only at the reactions of the characters and the shouting fails to understand that there is a wall just to pieces someone cut. However the atmosphere is also not particularly evident, at least to the one which gave us the classics of the genre — so light touch it.

It all started quite cheerfully — the kidnapping of a young boy, followed a rather ominous scene. Beginning it is the beginning — we need to inspire, to interest, from time to time, tossing episodes, which will escalate the situation, gradually tighten, so that by the end the viewer is on pins and needles would have sat and was nervous, waiting for the punchline. Alas — the middle-just the film sags, and very much. Wait until to the very interesting walk, and it all starts and doesn’t start, is trying to save the situation, showing scenes involving the main villain and his victims, but… the Victims, as usual, the only consumable, and the maniac, whose behavior would seem strange if the worship Bogorovo we have already seen, so it’s completely not surprised.

What is the reason for seemed to your humble author is not particularly interesting middle? It may be that the main character Allison, who according to the creators, was to be what the viewer is obliged to fear, who is obliged to empathize did not cause any sympathy? She even gives the impression of lethargic and capricious girl who spit on everything. To their relatives who love her and care about her, what about her others will think, even about the incident her grief she says, like about the weather says. Sometimes the irritation her personality was so strong that we wanted the maniac quickly got to her and not waste your time on outsiders.

If Alexandra Daddario is not pleased with your humble author, the other was much more interesting, especially was a good Peyton List — the joy and terror and panic came from her quite naturally in spite of such a young age. Probably the girl focused on their on-screen parents of her Macula Bienne and Katherine Meisel turned almost genuine family life which, sadly, was broken by the arrival of relatives. The second shows the family model certainly will not be called, but even in his five-minute appearance John savage was able to show the class.

The whole film looks lengthy and even boring. The actors for the most part, of course, tried, and the ending was quite spectacular, but… Remember again about the atmosphere — it a little, really do not gutik, and some teen romance turned out that stuck in the scary parts. If not for the great exhaust Yuri Serbin, your humble author would surely get bored in the middle. In the end disposable the movie was to review it and certainly don’t want

5 out of 10

New review: Intruder 2 21.06.2017

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