New review: inveterate companions 30.09.2017

I no longer cherish hopes in no one actor favorite childhood nor cage, nor Schwartz, nor van Damme, nor Willis. Squandered his talent on the b dummy who failed experiments who lost who just supports financial existence, who apparently operates their very images created 20-30 years ago, and someone just aged and just “goes to work — to play” in peace.

And probably Jackie I unfortunately can relate to the same line output of the “Armor of God” in 2012 to put me, not that point, but rather an ellipsis in the work “magnificent and truly master.” (I won’t count new nikomedeia role). My childhood hero, the man who changed movies, the greatest figure, is finally appreciated by the Oscar — Jackie quite old and even being in good physical shape at this age still can not be getting younger, as well as the fuse and the extent of the madness of his tricks that the modern state of cinema still do not appreciate it and suppresses. Do not cover already the streets of the metropolis that Jackie jumped off the tower of a building with no insurance — there is a green screen, you don’t have to remove the full-scale stunts — chroma key will save the budget on the trips at times, do not blow up the whole building which would be Chan for a second before the explosion jumped out graphics much safer. Time the old school had already left.

This film, I missed only the interest for the entire filmography of the actor, but the Crank Knoxville unwittingly attracts my attention for some reason, seems nice to me this man emanates from the American 2000-ies, evoking nostalgic feelings of childhood.

And so began a “Comedy” — clear signs — again a typical Chinese theme with the hashtags “Chinese mafia, police, revenge, family, sales, partner…”, the first blur of the chroma key, hill action scene where pain at the Chan “but would not have broken something” and then there’s Knoxville pogrevshis the most obvious descovery morcom”, cheerful music — and the whole picture and light up some poor humorous enthusiasm” — something that I’m 10 years old in the movie not seen that is something that the fashion has passed a long time ago — hard to explain. A typical plot and characters, which the films Jackie did you see already times for 10 before that!

I thought — well, everything is clear, cinema — chronic clinic. But suddenly happened a strange thing. Cost to begin the scene fight in the factory, and I noticed how he smiled. Then again, then laughed, and laughed again. Magic, but at me even the mood has risen, and once went so bad that I could not tear myself away.

This film is a “mixtape” of all that we loved in movies Jackie. Any scene or character reason to remember that Police story, Shanghai Noon / Knights, Rush Hour. Of course Noxvile far from Wilson and Tucker, however, their duet with Jackie looks pretty nice.

Renny Harlin is ambiguous fallen down in his career would drop everything to get the actors on a green background instead of nature, and do sometimes sin. But still some drop the efforts in the direction that the formulation is. There are types, locations are constantly changing, pretty much on location, the picture, though sometimes tablewindow tried osvetiti. There is something probably deep down still burning from the crew, almost smoldering but still burning.

Strange thing — banal Comedy plot, compared with the previous experience of the real tricks and techniques the weak formulation, is painfully typical clinical characters and scenes of the old Chinese Comedy genre — anything but this picture is not Shine, but somehow the film is a warm feeling, some nostalgia, a desire to reconsider the very — old. Kind of rolls with all sorts of comments at the Knoxville chases like “Mama, help”, or even crosses the line from “Mongolian version of Adele”. However, “the” dubbing the voices of Jackie, companions in misery, attempt to make at least some sense of adventure, some kind of lightness, humor, a no — it all somehow I have caused positive emotions and a sense of good old-fashioned adventure Comedy the first half of the 00’s.

How come — I don’t know, but I liked the movie, though in a partial b-snoti! Probably just really missing that time. Returned for the nostalgia I will thank Harlin-Chan-Knoxville 8-coy 10.

New review: inveterate companions 30.09.2017

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