New review: It 01.10.2017

When I went to a movie, I’m not accurate! how can you fit such a huge story in 2 + hours of. At the beginning of the film, I realized that it just split in two. This is fine as many things are not cut. I read the book twice and each time could not read it easily, a talent Stephen king does wonders.

The new film adaptation of the book I was looking forward to. The clown made the way it should be it is difficult to understand its appliances to any floor. The actors in the film, it’s something. Their acting is mesmerizing in the lyrical scenes I had “goose bumps” on the skin. Pennyways has amazing charisma.

On account of the terrible moments, then it’s hard to say as I reviewed a lot of horror movies, you know how they were built (I liked the small frequency in the film, they vibrate the floor, it betrays the incredible atmosphere of the film), this film is no exception, although one time I did twitch.

9 out of 10

P. S. I was struck by how many people came out from the hall, seriously, if you have children, it is a conscious choice, don’t you know what awaits you?

New review: It 01.10.2017

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