New review: It 01.10.2017

The number of stones thrown me in the direction of horror over the past few years, does not give the specific number. Fading, secondary, using standard approaches for establishing suspense. This year there is still a third-UG-horror movies (most often domestic production), but the West caught the wave of change. After last year’s excellent “don’t breathe” has been an interesting trend towards non-standard approaches. “Away” was super-successful breakout (and, concurrently, one of the best films of the 2017 General), controversial story, but masterfully filmed “Alien. Testament” has successfully integrated the old with the modern. A new reincarnation of the clown Pennywise worthy to stand on the same shelf with the legendary representatives of this world.

Small town in the middle of nowhere suffering from a mass disappearance of people. The vast majority of cases of missing children. The author of this outrage is a mysterious Pennywise — clone with very large jaws and face another Skarsgaard. Seven losers-the students decide to fight the forces of Evil.

Should be noted that the novel by Stephen king escaped me as the original adaptation. From scratch story of psychotropic demon looks at one go. Skillfully mixed humorous scenes with dualdensity scenes do not allow the viewer neither tired nor bored. Phenomenally well-playing children-actors genuinely make them survive. And forgive the blatant logical mistakes from the series “We need to stick together. Rather, you hold on, I’ll go one forward.” Children forgiven the creators for the last time. It is not necessary to keep a viewer an idiot.

And wonderful actors. Sincere, lively and honest. They believe the tragedy. Due to this and will return Pennywise in 27 years.

In General, all fans of horror, denying movie-eclectic, nothing to do here. The rest go to the cinema. Nerves to tickle it.

New review: It 01.10.2017

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