New review: It 02.10.2017

“It” has done quite a lot of noise before its release. A new vision of the well-known story of a sinister clown, whose image is remembered from 1990. The 1990 film was quite a success, although by today’s standard, relatively not terrible, although the image created by Tim Curry can pretty scare. Now is the time to pass the torch to a more modern version. What can I say about her? Surprising, but good.

“It” this is not the typical horror that we feed for a long time, Yes, I’m talking about these techniques of intimidation. Screamers, BU-the effects from which the modern audience does not feel fear and surprise, but this causes his gag reflex into action. Personally, I have long realized that the genre “horror” not able to surprise. All representatives of this genre from each other, almost indistinguishable, no atmosphere, logic, and especially the intrigue, which not everyone is able to ask. But “It” was able to convince me otherwise, I would like to believe that it is a long time.

It makes no sense to list all those young actors, I would only say that it gave every possible emotion and make their characters unique, totally different. All good, starting totally inadequate sadist Henry Bowers and ending with the desperate and insecure bill. Separate commendable Finn Wolfhard, which apparently claims to be the coolest cinematic talker and a good sense of humor this year, and bill Skarsgard, who played in this time Pennywise. In his character there is a mystery, anger and absolute madness, but in its own way, the presence of this character can claim more on the screen, not because “we need more monsters”, but because the character is good and interesting filed.

The intrigue in this film can is present, and most importantly in a film like this. Maybe those who are familiar with the book say that there is nothing surprising here and nothing unusual has not been demonstrated, but this is the case when you do not want to build any theories about further developments, and just want to watch a movie on and take the ending for what it is.

My opinion:

“It” perhaps one of the most successful films this year. A pleasant surprise for the average viewer and the double surprise for fans of horror movies. Although I don’t know whether to call “It” a horror, I would call this film “mystics”, simply because there is a sense of mystery and intrigue that keeps the viewer until the end. Much was borrowed from the TV series “Very strange case” which recently pulled in a number of my favorite series, but the presence of such an atmosphere does not affect bad on viewing this film, but rather complements it. Friends, love, adventure, danger and great mystery – that’s what awaits the viewer, when viewing that tape that it is not recommended to skip. I want to believe that the second part in what will not concede the first and to be able to surprise us even more.

9 out of 10

New review: It 02.10.2017

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