New review: It 03.10.2017

Finally “It”, one of my favorite works of Stephen king received a decent adaptation. Generally to film books is difficult and often not rewarding, because each person reading the book sees differently, and going to the cinema satisfied with what I saw and realized the book is only the Director. And if we are talking about “It”, the complexity increases significantly, as the novel is good and quite unique.

Pathetic attempt was in 1990, but to be honest, I always had that Pennywise plays Tim Curry, whom I remember in the movie “home Alone 2”, so any scene with Pennywise version 1990 I always put a smile, but not fear. Well, I had not seen there Pennywise, I saw a stupid employee of the hotel, which a Troll Kevin, I’m sorry. Therefore, all claims that after starting film fear of clowns, that is a classic and all that I have only cause confusion. Well, a fault of the film in 1990 that he was weak in technical terms no.

Well, now It is about 2017. The first thing I want to mention a really creepy atmosphere that really keeps in suspense, which is rare, frankly, for the last time — it works all: directing, effects, actors, children actors (which is not very peculiar), great Pennywise and, of course, the soundtrack.

The second adaptation of the story. Though Andres Mosketti and removed/changed many of the scenes, and also added a new movie it almost did not hurt. What is especially nice, changing or removing some points, the Director did, like, reference to how it was in the source in some other scenes or the dialogues, as if, telling the audience: “Yes, I know, the book was a little different, for some reason I wasn’t able to remove exactly, but I remember about it.” I note some things that I regret, was not included in the film: the real death of Patrick Hockstetter, the scene of the rite, in which the losers saw Him coming, the conversation Eddie and Mr. Keane. Also very sorry that it was impossible to film a “thoughts” of the adult bill about the scene that takes place after the vows.

The biggest disappointment was Richie Tozier, what made this character just a horror. These stupid jokes about the nurse just put out, but the voice of the Irish COP, he said once. I have a feeling that it was a sort of compromise on the removal of the sex scenes Teens in the sewers.

However, I will say that all of my regrets almost blocked the scene with the projector — that was really cool! And, thank God, andrés Muscati removed that awful scene in which the Losers allowed in a circle Beverly, I really still don’t understand why it was in the book and usually, reading it, scroll through this stuff.

The acting is also very good, especially good, Sophia Lillis, I got the impression that she was Beverly Marsh, the leader of the Losers ‘ club, not a stutterer bill.

Now, about catfish the main thing in this film — about Pennywise. It’s just something unreal, make-up, facial expression, movement — all so cool that every scene with Pennywise I waited with great anticipation. Bill Skarsgard really did a great job on His way. He’s really creepy, this Pennyways, it was especially in the scene with the projector, as well as in the scene with the attack on Eddie is already inside the house of Nabal street.

Summary: just a great movie, a worthy adaptation of one of my favorite novels. View spoiled only jokes Richie Tozier and how some individuals in the audience emotionally reacted.

10 out of 10

New review: It 03.10.2017

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