New review: It 04.10.2017

Tape Andres, Mosketti predicted either a runaway success or a complete failure. Adaptation of any book (especially adaptation of the works of the king) is always a huge risk. But to recreate the remake of the film adaptation — is a bigger risk, since you get a comparison of the square. “It” Mosketti I didn’t lay great expectations as his “Mother” singular impressions and emotions left. But a very intriguing trailer was encouraging, and a trip to the cinema turned into a pleasant surprise and a collection of successful adaptations of favorite books.

Mosketti in “It” managed to retain the charm and charisma of the king, to infuse it with a drop of modernity (because the events are shifted by 20 years), add teenage humor, which in my opinion is very animated picture and not debased her. Many will need to know your company “losers” from the recent school of the past, with the same gags and jokes, the same shy and innocent feeling of first love, the same vows of eternal friendship. Tape, Mosketti perfectly reveals the topic of children’s fears, more explicit storyline Beverly Marsh, what I was missing in the film adaptation of Wallace, like many other details, which the Director this time has done more accents, albeit in his own way.

Of course, the huge contribution made excellent actors who played their characters one hundred percent. The club of “losers” deservedly became famous after the premiere. It was the rare case when the character is recreated in your head after reading the books, brand is perfectly embodied in the character on the screen. I especially want to mention Finn Wolfhard (Richie), Sofia, lilis (Bev) and Jayden of Liberia (bill). For them it is very nice to watch, as well as for young Jackson Scott, who is an amazing way in one stage transforms from a scared little Georgie in one of the masks Pennywise which you would like to ignore also can not. Forgive me, Tim Curry, became in time the terror and hatred of clowns a good half of children and adolescents, bill Skarsgard is perfect. In spite of the ugly smile, chilling look, evil grin, to look away from his character it is impossible even for a second. Perhaps, bill Skarsgard, too, pulled out his lucky ticket.

Individual Bravo Benjamin Walvis Bay over hypnotic music.

Summing all this: the adaptation was decent and meaningful. Comments: “it Was not scary” I can say that you don’t have to be scary. After all, it fears the bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan, not yours. Only after meeting with Pennywise one-on-one, you will feel fear. Because only It knows what scares you.

P. S. For the film put 9 out of 10. Ten I saved for the second part. Hope that Mosketti and Skarsgard will again create a miracle, there.

New review: It 04.10.2017

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