New review: It 06.10.2017

You know, Stephen king is one of the favorite writers for me and I am hurt very much by how few good film adaptations of his works. “It is” I walked with caution, though, and was waiting for this movie to be insanely. Moreover, hellish moral pain from the abuse of “the Dark tower” has not died down.

But then everything turned out. The film came out exactly the way I wanted it to be. Quite scary, especially sharpness added sitting behind a girl who in the most terrible time pounding my feet on my chair; funny enough, for all that this is a horror movie not without jokes about the nurse, the sexual organs and girls. However, do not be surprised if the themes of the jokes remain the same and for grown-up heroes continue.

In General, once Hollywood kinodelo woke adequacy and they didn’t mess up any stupid casting (Idris Elba), nor shoals in the script.

This version of “It” can be called protracted. Hollywood has long thought about this story, changing Directors, script, concept over and over again. But in the end, the project came Andres, Mosketti and took still fit the story.

In the book the action takes place in two time periods: in the fifties with the heroes-the kids and the eighties with an already grown-up heroes. In the film decided to focus only on the first part, leaving their adult life to continue. Fortunately, more than a thousand-page book allows.

The action was transferred to the 89th that, surprisingly, the film went on advantage. A sequel, of course, will be in our time.

Andres, Moschetti, who took only a horror movie “Mama” with a fairly average rating, was a real boon for this film, and here’s why. First, horror films and high budget things, how incompatible. The budget of this film adaptation like a horror movie was huge. Not added simplicity and an R rating, which usually means low profitability of the film. And secondly, to work with children is very difficult, especially when seven of them. And I know a bunch of movies where the unnatural behavior of the kids messed up everything.

Special regards, of course, Finn Wolfard, which was the most famous of all is the child actor, known for the TV series “a Very strange case.” It Richie Tozier turned out just gorgeous.

Moscetti, with his Horde pulled it off. The children look extremely organic, believe them. And the rest of the film failed. The production staff is excellent, the image is bright, beautiful, scenery that is necessary to carp there is nothing.

But most of all I was surprised by Pennyways. The role of evil in the form of dear (not) clown took the young and not that experienced bill Skarsgard. Many are still at the stage of casting (including me) thought it would be a total miscast, the role Pennywise like the actor much older and more experienced, and most importantly, the maximum charismatic. But the 27-year-old Skarsgard on charisma certainly beat all. Guy can handle all 200%, it is rare when a villain, this has charm and evokes such admiration mixed with disgust. Hitting the target is complete. And after his gorgeous dance I did, and wanted to enroll in dance courses.

And the music is here is excellent and perfectly complements the suspense, which by the way is not so much built on the Boo-moments, as on the discharge of ever-growing tension.

There are plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the King of horrors, and the fattest of them is that in the books the evil in Derry woke up once in 27 years. And this film was released exactly 27 years after the previous film adaptation, which quite so frightened me as a child.

We can only hope that the sequel of this film with pre-adult characters will be released a little early. To look forward to.

By the way, the book I have yet read. My acquaintance with this work of Stephen king is limited to the two-part film 90, the year and several chapters in the book which caught my hands in times when I before king, not grown.

So during the filming of the second part I’m familiar with the original work that is waiting on my bookshelf.

For those who haven’t seen this film, fans of good horror films, fans of the king or just the thrill (or clowns or jokes about the nurse) — I advise without hesitation. Must see, definitely. You still can, as I do, to have time to jump on the step of the outgoing from the rental of the train and watch a movie on the big screen, you will not regret it.

P. S. I’ve read, the Russian branch of Burger King was against the hire of this film… as Pennyways similar to Ronald McDonald (what the fuck?) and thus the film is a hidden advertising of McDonald’s. And you know what? After watching, I didn’t want to eat another Burger or potatoes. Pretty bad advertising.

9 out of 10

New review: It 06.10.2017

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