New review: It 08.10.2017

7 September 2017 in Russia came the movie “It” one of the most famous novels by Stephen king. At the session of the film (which I wanted very much to go with the moment when he learned about the film) I went with my grandmother, as I’m only 14 years old.

We came to the cinema, bought popcorn and coke, went to the cinema got comfortable and started to watch a movie that has enticed me from the first minute.

After leaving the cinema, my grandmother and I discussed this movie. He loved it (especially me).

And now I will tell about the film:

1. Acting:

Acting we can say flawless. All the actors (whether children or adults) play perfectly.

2. Costumes:

Each character has a unique costume (I like costumes clown Pennywise and Richie Tozier).

3. Humor:

Though it is horror, but humor is rife (especially from Richie, which was all jokes though, but still quite funny). This humor helps to lighten the mood of fear and terror that arise when watching the movie, and laugh heartily!

4. The main task of this movie:

The main task of this movie — of course, to frighten, and it is with this task perfectly cope! The film has a lot of frightening scenes (not just frightening and very frightening), from which adults shuddered and paused, stopping to think about her.

Well, now I told about the movie that wanted.

By the way, I want to add that the book itself “It” is also commendable and mandatory reading.

Now everyone who liked the movie Andres, Moscetti, we can only wait for the second part of the film, which will be released on 6 September 2019. I hope she will not fail.

Enjoy watching and thank you for your attention!

10 out of 10

New review: It 08.10.2017

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