New review: It 13.09.2017

“It” was one of the most anticipated horror films this year. Me this year has been viewed many films of this genre, but this one was special. It’s the return of history, which is 27 years ago not a little frightened many. This film is no exception. The trailer is pretty phonepages and made his way to the shivers.

The plot develops in the late 80-ies in the town of Derry, Maine. The unpleasant atmosphere of the city — observing how people live there, it can be described as “circus freaks”. It is divided into two types — the bastards who beat and humiliate the weak, and absolutely indifferent adults who don’t care what happens to those they were once themselves. Therefore, a special surprise is not that the main characters are deeply unhappy and are always in fear. These are the unknown creature that haunts them. Terrible and horrible…

Well done to all the young actors who performed the main roles. Each of them showed their inner pain and generated great compassion. The talent is undoubtedly there. … And Bill Skarsgard. At least it was in the movie and not so much to say as it is played — it does not say anything. Skarsgard put his whole soul appeared to be in the image of a terrifying, sinister and creepy clown Pennywise. Great transformation, Bravo.

The film does contain the dreadful scene — definitely want to inadvertently flinch and be terrified. But at the same time, there are serious dramatic moments, there are also excellent sense of humor, diluting the atmosphere. It turned out a sort of diversity that is an obvious plus.

“It” is a film that can safely be called one of the best in the genre “horror” of 2017. Waiting for the second part. Anyone who is not afraid of clowns — in a good way. Very recommended for viewing.

10 out of 10

New review: It 13.09.2017

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