New review: It 13.09.2017

After a recent “Tower”, there is nothing better than to be forgotten on the movie “It”. I don’t remember when was the last good film adaptation of king. In my opinion, it was all over back in 2007 on the strength of “the Mist” and “1408”. And now, after 10 years we finally waited for this again. When I went to the opening credits, you automatically start back in the nineties, when people still tried working on the film.

Movie feature the old style, and you believe in every decoration. Cool tones, dark gamma like this melancholy is not enough now in thrillers. Surprisingly none of the screamer did not cause rejection. There is really a lot of them, but they are all so cleverly fit into the overall flow stress, which manage not to be annoying. But the basis for strengthening of anxiety is, of course, a clown. Smiling, calm clown who just stands there and watches. Every scene of his appearance is different from the previous one. From bill Skarsgard turned out to be extremely creepy Pennywise.

It is worth noting auditory and visual effects. Music or other ambient music in the film was amazing. You’re nice to listen to these terrible sounds, mixed with horror orchestra. You can play them separately in the player rarely seen in films of this genre. And visual effects for 35 million does not disappoint, because in the same “Tower” for 60 million was drawn all disgusting.

We must not forget about the kids, they played really true to life. Almost no one there claims. Is that Stanley in the end somehow smeared, and you cease to notice. But the characters they have the most that neither is a live with real problems. Serious conflicts with their parents. A very grown-showdown in school. The film is not only fixated on the “evil spirit”, but shows us people as they are. No neuropsychiatric defects are not treated and this is a huge plus.

For me personally, there are several disadvantages. It seems to me that in this film there are scenes that were supposed to happen without words, and so when the viewer understands. The scene with the “shooting” stones seemed unrealistic and unnecessary, it would be quite a shot in the head a negative character. And though this film is rated R, yet lacked rigidity, the film begins with a rather bloody and ruthless scenes and, if you add another few scenes, you’re much more starting to worry about heroes, and after the movie to get all the clowns party.

This is one of the few recent films that want to reconsider, because you see the professional approach, not a cheap freebie. I understand that fans of the printed version are unhappy that the movie departs from the original text, but it misses one of the main ideas of the book — the horror is not monsters, these monsters in people. And, by the way, jokes, of which there are many, absolutely not down the pace of the film. I hope the second part it will lower the bar.

9 out of 10

New review: It 13.09.2017

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