New review: It 19.09.2017

A new adaptation of the bestseller by Stephen king I didn’t say to much waiting. Of course, the trailer was creepy and atmospheric, but not being familiar with the original(adaptation of the ‘ 90 is also passed me), I wasn’t attracted to the cinema from the word “quite”. Nevertheless, a good ad campaign pictures have done their job and in the day of the premiere I was sitting in a crowded room in the hope that the next two hours pass in vain. Fortunately, as it happened. Adaptation of “It” 2017 is not ashamed to watch and advise others. Even those who with creativity of the Book mark bad.

Alas, the film is hardly ideal. There are a lot of moments that can make you hysterical with laughter(or beat his hand against his face). Basically it’s the old “cliché of horror”. I’m not going to give examples, not to accidentally setpolarity haven’t watched, but the scenes where the characters go where normal people wouldn’t (especially teenager), here often. But if we take into account all the crap that happens to them, their behavior is not only strange, but kind of funny. This is just one example. Whether it’s a minus? Rather no than Yes. After all, we people are already accustomed to it. But if you have never in my life have not watched horror movies (if there is such), then this disadvantage does not matter. That’s all I did not like and caused confusion. Well, maybe even the finals (too just everything was resolved). But then I’m not entirely sure. Firstly, I do not know what will happen in the second part. Maybe it’s some kind of cunning plan? Second, maybe I don’t fully understand something (it happens).

Everything else is done at a very high level. Music, cinematography, script, acting. Separately want to highlight the castes(not the actors, namely caste). Almost every actor aroused my sympathy, and just watch them have pleasure. Even Pennywise. Especially Pennywise.

Oh yeah, another plus is the atmosphere of the 80s. It’s like she’s taken it straight out of “Very strange things,” touching on the way Finn Wolfhard.

In summary: you must see this movie. With all deficiencies, it will bring pleasure to everyone, regardless of gender and tastes. So it was good.

8 out of 10

New review: It 19.09.2017

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