New review: It 20.06.2017

With the advent of information technology in society began to discuss the concept of “virtual life”… the Topic is eaten before the “tiniest babies” and the vast majority of the findings against this type of communication: Man withdraws into himself, and ceases to be aware of the reality that for the present the issuing virtuality.

But who can blame him? People seek comfort in the physical and mental. If he does not receive pleasure from this world, even though some moments will be comfortably in a world of his own. Otherwise you simply just come to ban people to dream and fantasize.

But there is a reasonable grain: we need to clearly define and divide the border “worlds”. Association in a sense with the movie “inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The main character Theodore accidentally finds in this virtual world his happiness which helps him to escape from the heavy emotional consequences of divorce with his wife. And surprisingly, the heart do not be fooled: feelings (including sexual) to the operating system named Samantha in the film are characterized as love. And Theodore finds that such relations are valuable. Of course, the drama lies in the fact that Samantha and Theodore are very genuinely (I thought), experienced the whole gamut of emotions, even down to mutual jealousy and… it’s over.

Interesting idea, it may well be that in 50 years (a time in the film povestvovanie (is there such word?) as the near future) that something like this will appear, but still the live chat and the realities of reality (sorry for tautology) never be able to replace completely, it would not leapt technological progress.

The appearance of the protagonist. I couldn’t figure out was what the idea of the Director, when he created the image of Theodore?

Bright colored shirt, thick mustache and round glasses… He’s not a resident of the metropolis, and more on country boy…

7 out of 10

New review: It 20.06.2017

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