New review: It 22.10.2017

Or that even the old monster can be extremely stupid.

Went to a movie with no expectations. Of course once (when I was still the height of a stool or so) I saw an old version of the film, but at the moment, except for the image of the clown I don’t remember anything from there. And update before going want. The book did not read. So impressions “from scratch”.

I must say that the film seemed to me in the first place — quite fascinating, and secondly — quite interesting. I liked the fact that the characters show the character of almost everyone. Gave quite a lot of live conversations. They really believe in the friendship between the main team of characters. As well initially believe in the local “evil”. And quite skilled, which not just jumping at you from the corner, but he knows how to talk to deceive the people.

Unfortunately, in the process of development of the plot, the monster completely loses all charm. becomes quite boring and mundane, that we’ve seen thousands of times. Involuntarily shift focus to people, but they are stupid eyes. Repeatedly commit senseless acts, are divided, although a second ago you said that must go together.

According to the results by the end of the film is just interesting: kill who? You don’t even feel sorry for the characters, for which you initially worried.

The same does not lead love line, which is pulled through the whole story. Perhaps the calculation is on the next film, but until this aspect also left me greatly perplexed. Here it looks a piece of extra screen time.

In General the film is not the worst but not the best. Perhaps a good example of horror without the screamer, but overall it was better.

New review: It 22.10.2017

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