New review: It 25.09.2017

To be honest, I’m not a particular fan of this movie. I mean, I regularly watch horror, cult, and not very good, but not a fan, because man I am very suspicious and nervous, and bring me to Ding quite easily. And since the recent increase in the number of completely empty horror with a huge number of stupid screamer, very skeptical to this genre. But adaptation of the king, after all. And friends persuaded to come with. Well, here’s my humble opinion on the film. In no case do not claim to be the ultimate truth, just my opinion.

So, let’s begin.

To say that all works of the king is a powerful thing, I think, not worth it. All know that. But with the adaptations of his books, the situation is not so rosy when the film turns out good or not. With “It” I have no clear opinion. Like, on the one hand, the film is good. The tense atmosphere, the charismatic villain, the camera work on the level. All of this in the film is made professionally. But! Why I can’t say that liked the movie?

First, again, these screamers. Do not throw me in the dumplings, I realize that without them is difficult and sometimes they are even help to create an atmosphere. But not every 5 minutes of the film! This technique is very beaten up, and constantly to watch him in a film that is 2 hours… Well kind of.

Second, the narrative. I confess, I did not read this piece and didn’t know what it was, only briefly acquainted with the trailer and description. I was under the impression that either a lot was cut out, either originally wrote the scenario of “torn”. Very much had to think, ponder and ask again. Did not work in my head clear of the images, all too abruptly.

Thirdly, boredom. Yes, I’m very bored after about 20 minutes of the film. He doesn’t keep me in suspense all of 2 hours, I yawned and looked at his watch.

No, of course, there were positive moments. For example, as I said, the atmosphere, a clown, not a ham (!!!), what is important, children, etc. But…

The film is not impressed “wow.” I was expecting something bigger, more oppressive narrative, less of the game and other “cheap” methods of horror films. Many things were very predictable, and the film is not really able to scare me, although, again, I’m a very sensitive person.

In General, a very controversial opinion.

6 out of 10

The acting and attempt to make a decent adaptation of a decent novel. Turned out, alas, not very.

New review: It 25.09.2017

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