New review: It 25.09.2017

Many critics have different opinions of the works of Stephen king. I rate it highly positively still at school. Therefore, a new adaptation of the novel “It” I was expected, and in the movie I walked with a very positive attitude.

Movie left nice positive impression. Actors are chosen very well. Some deviations from kingovskoy cruelty, but they are quite logical and expected.

The most important thing in this story is the spirit of the town. He worked out, he is present throughout the film. The spirit of a small town with a short memory, when a child goes missing, it is very quickly forgotten. This is probably a reference to all of the people who does not accept or accepts for himself in grief.

For the integrity and perception of the film seemed very similar to “Stay with me”. Probably they have a superficial plot similarities, and here and there children because of her friendship resolve the arisen they have very grown-up problems.

In General, the film can advise on a wide spectrum of audience, but mostly it is still more will appeal to fans of king and horror.

New review: It 25.09.2017

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