New review: It 26.09.2017

Indeed, now that the horrors are stamped one after the other, it is difficult to scare or surprise. Andres, Moschetti approached the creation of the king with the utmost care and professionalism, and that was making a great movie. The summer ended with the adaptation of the novel of Stephen king “the Dark tower”, and the beginning of autumn invariably remembered by all output “It”. Clown Pennywise returned to terrorize the small town of Derry, and he does this every 27 years.

The story will circle around a group of kids who created a “Club of losers”, because over them in school bullied in high school. This club included bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Eddie and Stanley. The bill, which can be called a leader of this club, not so long lost brother Georgie, who went to play with the boat in the rain and never came back. That in turn took the sewage of a clown Pennywise. Parents believe Georgie died, that is absolutely not satisfied with the bill, and he decides to find it himself. And the guys from the club helping him. But the above part was originally smaller and in the course of the film, it is replenished. And love triangle will be a place.

Really stand out and be remembered, not all were able. I can only say about some. About bill (Jaden, Liberar) is a little mentioned earlier, not all of it. He is a brave man ready on all for the sake of his brother, who have been with him there. And for the sake of the guys from his club he is willing to go to great lengths. Ben (Jeremy ray Taylor) a fat boy who sometimes lured the attention of his mercy. He’s pretty smart and researched the history of the town of Derry. Beverly (Sophia Lillis) is the only girl in the company, which has a pretty harsh father, who takes care of her very much. Ritchie (Finn Wolfhard) supported the cheerful atmosphere among the guys with their jokes, which were mostly below the belt. And if the guys were not very funny, the audience reacted well, that was impossible to ignore. Also there is Eddie (Jack Grazer), and his mother cares a lot about his health. Forever fed his pills, and because the child doesn’t even hurt anymore. And at first, he too often talked about all kinds of diseases, and all bad bacteria, but then the boy changed markedly. Yes, all the children in the end became more adult. The struggle with fears with friends inspired them to do so.

Now he Pennywise, whose role went to bill Skarsgard. To the word of his father many of you know, as a scientist Erica Seliga of kynoselen MARVEL, brother Alexander played in a not particularly successful last year’s “Tarzan”, the second brother of Gustaf known for the TV series “Vikings”, the third Walter removed solely in European paintings. And the fourth Sam generally has little to do with the world of cinema. It turns out a family of scholar whose children clown, Tarzan and Viking. But we’re getting off topic the main antagonist of the movie “It”. This is the clown can take images of anyone and it often materializes the fear of children. Bill a perfect fit for this role, and his facial expressions and not just the makeup, helped the clown to get so daunting.

The movie was not only scary, but very interesting. And I really didn’t want it to end. But the success of the film was not only due to qualitative villain, but thanks to the acting skills of the children. They actually supported interest to the entire film, and combined with Pennywisdom wanted it to never end. The film is good, thank you Andres, Moschetti and everyone else for creating this masterpiece. Thank You, King.

New review: It 26.09.2017

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