New review: It 26.09.2017

To begin to explain why the “Brave people”. The meaning of header I put that, how brave are the author of the novel “It” Stephen king and the film’s Director Andreas Moschetti.

The courage of the king is reflected in the fact that the subjects of his works include the options that other writers of horror tend not to include. For example, as in “It” major events taking place around children, or “pet Sematary”, where pomimo children present and harmless Pets. It really can affect these sensitive people like me. Thus, if what happened in the beginning of the film with a 6-year-old boy, happened to an adult, the film and the book would not be what they are.

Courage, Mosketti same is reflected in the fact that it is having only one feature film behind, which can’t be called some outstanding (although the theme was rather unusual), dared to make a film adaptation of the famous book of the famous author, considering the fact that the movie was already made in 1990 and was at that time quite successful.

And this risk was justified, as the film has already become the most successfully launched horror film in history. With all this, it should be noted that actually, I really don’t like horror movies, but still, in the case of “It’s” I couldn’t resist. And after watching, I wouldn’t primarily call this film horror. Yes, there are indeed many scary and spooky moments of the game, but it seemed to me the film is more than can be attributed to the genre of drama because it a couple of times even there were moments, especially when sensitive had little pressure in order not to cry. However, this effect in film is extremely difficult to achieve.

I would also like to note the remarkable performance of the young actors and of course, wonderful approached for the role Pennywise, bill Skarsgard; though the scenes that required full his facial expressions and the voice was a bit, but he went all out, creating for us a new character for Halloween.

In General, the film is certainly not brilliant, but not mediocre. If you love horror, do not expect a bit of a shock, as the effects still leave much to be desired. But if you’re a fan of Stephen king or subjects of “evil clowns”, then I think you yourself understand this movie you have to watch have to.

All pleasant viewing!

7 out of 10

New review: It 26.09.2017

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